First mushroom course of 2015 (oyster mushroom)

4 Jan

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The first training will be held 7-8 January, this is exclusively for oyster mushrooms, invest $95 dollars and attend this extensive course included in the package is 10kgs spawn free (will be given on your first order of spawn), maunual, lunch and snacks will be provided.

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Mushroom Growing in Zimbabwe

4 Jan

Mushroom Growing in Zimbabwe.

Could the mushroom growers association be a reality in 2015?

4 Jan

The primary goal for creating this blog was to motivate collaboration among growers which i hoped will results in the formation of a growers association within a year, three years down the line association is nowhere in sight, i gave up leading such an initiative and vowed to support anyone leading such an initiative.

There are people leading such an initiative and according to my word i will support and be one of the first people to pay subscriptions once its registered. such registration is imminent.

what do you expect to benefit from such an association? what should the association’s objectives be?, let us talk about this.

To attend meetings or follow developments call/whatsapp 0773842677, or simply follow this blog.

Mushroom markets in Zimbabwe; Soko mushrooms

28 May

It is with pleasure that I announce Soko mushrooms are buying mushrooms from growers in Zimbabwe. As Zimushindustry we are happy with such interventions because they contribute to the growth of the Industry. I get many calls asking if we buy mushrooms as zimushindustry. The answer is no, this is simply a platform whose primary aim is to see a mushroom growers association formed, I also encourage collaboration in the industry.

Marketing mushrooms is a critical element in the industry. We congratulate Soko mushrooms on such a good move.

Soko Mushrooms
Contact Person: Kundai
Cell number: 0779572207  (available on whatsapp)

I hope we will have more such initiatives.

Lets talk mushrooms
0773842677 (available on Whatsapp)

Breaking news: spawn on credit at Mushtella

24 May

In what could be a first in Zimbabwe, mushtella is now selling mushroom spawn on credit. The Zimbabwe mushroom industry has been waiting for something like this for a long time.

Click here for more details on their offer

Lets talk mushrooms
0773842677 (available on Whatsapp)

Mushroom cultivation in Zimbabwe: The missing link?

28 Jan

There is a lot of mushroom on the market, Thankx to the wild mushroom harvesting season. I believe 99% of mushrooms in Zimbabwe is consumed during this season (December to February). This claim is subjective but am convinced the the figure is around there if not more.

My question is why are we doing so badly as growers when we have such a huge market. Some contend its lack of capital, I say capital to some extend.

I contend  that high prices, lack of expertise, greed, lack of cooperation (association/s) among many challenges is hampering growth.

I also contend that 0.5% of the mushroom consumed in Zimbabwe is what we are growing (99.5% is either imported or picked in the wild)

What do you think is the missing link? Feel free to leave a comment below.

World food day, cry Zimbabwe cry

16 Oct

A day before world food day, our parliamentarians spent time blaming each other on why we are a hungry and starving nation. You can read the full article here.

When people blame each other it’s certain that there is no solution. Zimbabweans must stand up and fight for their rights. The legislators need to wake up and know why they are in parliament.

I call upon all mushroom growers to work hard, innovate and move on rather than pinning hope on a government which has no solution to the challenges of, hunger, poverty and malnutrition.

I am happy mushroom growing has potential to help fight these challenges.

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